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Kleio. After date, she can provide BJ, do missionary and doggy.

Kleio. After date, she can provide BJ, do missionary and doggy.








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After date, she will provide BJ, do missionary and doggy. Mike requires 50 fitness to accomplish a lot more than BJ. She calls for 90 LP or become drunk (at the least 3 products) to possess intercourse with no condom. With 50 KP she shall do anal.

Kleio starts at 100% GP and can move down a bit as she progresses through her tale.

Kleio is unlocked by using Sasha’s string of occasions they practice until you either see the Deathless Harpies perform, or are invited to the studio where.


  • 1 tale occasions
    • 1.1 Hang with Kleio in the shopping mall
    • 1.2 Kleio gets a tattoo
    • 1.3 Kleio raises hell
    • 1.4 The vehicle requires repairs (One thing will take place quickly)
    • 1.5 Kleio studio intercourse
    • 1.6 The protest
    • 1.7 Klieo discusses her emotions
    • 1.8 Just Take Kleio to a romantic date
    • 1.9 Morgan is Kleio’s ex!
  • 2 Impregnation choices

Tale activities edit edit source

Hang with Kleio at the shopping mall edit source edit

Prerequisites: 14:00, Kleio LP >= 10, Kleio introduced at performance or practice

Kleio calls Mike up and will be offering to spend time during the shopping center. She’ll ask Mike a few pre-determined questions, if she’s pleased with their answers talk that is she’ll exactly just how she split up along with her gf. If Mike answers well she shall lose 5 GP.

Outcome: Kleio is kissable, Kleio Max LP set to 20

Kleio gets a tattoo edit edit source

Prerequisites: 17:00, Kleio LP >= 20, done Hang with Kleio during the shopping center

Kleio calls Mike and asks him to go she gets a tattoo with her while. She asks Mike a questions that are few including which tattoo getting. If Mike answers accordingly, she states she had enjoyable and she will lose 5 GP.

Outcome: Kleio Max LP set to 30

Kleio raises hell edit edit source

Prerequisites: get up 05:00-09:00, Kleio LP >= 30, GP the automobile needs repairs (One thing can happen soon) edit source edit

Prerequisites: Tues or Thurs, Done Kleio raises hell, MC includes a motor vehicle, Kleio LP >= 40

Mike will have to simply just just take their automobile set for repairs. Sasha implies taking it to Kay. Turns out that Kay is really ‘K’ meaning Kleio. In the event that MC gets the sport car Kleio gains an amount that is small of.

Outcome: No modification

Kleio studio intercourse edit source edit

Prerequisites: Studio, done Kleio raises hell, in musical organization, Kleio >= 50 LP, Kleio GP The protest edit edit source

Prerequisites: Kleio LP >=60, 12:00 – 18:00, done Kleio studio intercourse

Kleio calls about a protest she would definitely partake with Mike.

Outcome: Klei Max LP set to 70

Klieo speaks about her emotions edit source edit

Prerequisites: Kleio LP >= 70, done the protest

Mike speaks with Kleio about her being strange recently. She confesses that she likes Mike.

Outcome: Kleio Max LP set to 80

Just just Take Kleio up to a date edit source edit

Prerequisites: Kleio LP >= 80, taken Kleio on a romantic date (complete the date), done Kleio speaks about her emotions

Kleio speaks with Mike in regards to the date

Outcome: Kleio Max LP set to 90

Morgan is Kleio’s ex! edit source edit

Prerequisites: Done Hang with Kleio during the Mall, done Morgan cinema date, venue Pub, Kleio and Morgan present

Mike learns that Morgan and Kleio had been together. This may include the Morgan and Kleio storytracker that leads to an threesome. The knowledge on how to accomplish this are found regarding the Kleio and Morgan wiki web site.

Impregnation choices edit edit source

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